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Manila dump mountains

They live in the fuming mountains of trash in Manila. They eat “pagpag”, the leftover meat from fast food restaurants, collecting trash to sell it, sometimes living in water for several months after a monsoon - sad, hungry and sometimes sick from the poisoned trash. I wanna help them now. And I have the vision to longterm help them all. All families and children living there.

Therefore, I paired up with the Purple Community Fund and will be donating 100% of the revenue of “Hunger” so they can get education. If you want to help: Every 50 Euro a month supports one child to go to school and to leave the trash mountains.

I would be really happy to have you donating as well to make an even bigger impact.

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My life is better now, we have a proper house and a toilet, the air is cleaner and we don't have to worry about what we eat. If it wasn't for PCF, I don't know what would have happened to me and my family but I don't think it would have been good things.

- Rodelyn

Rodelyn's Story

Rodelyn was 5, when the Purple Community Fund found her, covered in dirt, barefoot, very thin and infected.

PCF workers provided her with extra meals, medical care, and taught her essential life skills like using the toilet, eating with utensils, maintaining hygiene and wearing shoes. Like many children, Rodelyn was initially unfamiliar with toys, but over time transformed from a quiet shy girl to one who played, made friends and took part in many activities at school.

Rodelyn was a gentle child who loved books and drawing but most of all was her gratitude and love for her family. On market days she could take home items that were donated. "To see her face was incredible”, says Jane, founder of the PCF, "she stood out with her curly hair and she lit up like a Christmas tree. But in all those years she gifted everything to her family and never picked anything for herself.“

Now 21, Rodelyn attends university and supports her family by teaching children. With her self-esteem and humility, she is eager to help other children like her to have a better life.

Purple Community Fund

The Purple Community Fund is dedicated to providing sustainable opportunities for poverty-stricken families and communities in the Philippines.

Their holistic programs focus on education, livelihood, health, and nutrition, with the aim of helping beneficiaries acquire new skills and achieve self-sufficiency. Donations will contribute explicitly to the education of the children in Manila.

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